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Did you know that accidents account for 6.5% of the billions spent annually by users of industrial, utility, and commercial construction?  If you do $100 million in business, that's $6.5 million just for accidents.  How would you like to a portion of that back? delivers safety-focused technology solutions that address the fiscal and moral imperatives for providing a safe workplace. 

Safety Insite, safety inspection software, empowers you to know the real time conditions in the field and enables you to eliminate the conditions that allow accidents to happen.  Armed with solid historical data (not anecdotes) from Safety Insite, you can focus your safety training program for the greatest impact. Check out the new 4-minute online demo (you'll need a broadband connection for this).

Our online safety training delivery platform, enables you to deliver safety training in the most efficient manner possible.  Check out some of our safety training titles now; or calculate how much you can save by doing your training online.

Can your company honestly say its safety programs are competitive advantages allowing you to win more projects, do them more profitably and keep your people safe? Run Fast clients can.

Please feel free to explore our site including our new Safety Blog moderated by Bike Safety Nerd.

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